AI, chatgpt etc.
Wait for url from other devices
berify: reverse image search for video

Associated bookmarks

Search engine files associate with bookmarks with extension ".html", which means the bookmark file if existing is appended to the page when the search engine file is on screen.

"help_en.html" bookmark associates with the user manual in English. Similarly, "help_zh.html" is for Chinese manual. Whenever user manual is open, the associated bookmark appears before the manual.


File handling and styling with home.css

"home.css" (in current folder, parent folder or the "bookmark" folder) styles bookmarks, search engines and the folder itself. The file is in html format instead of CSS, so it needs "<style>" tag for CSS.

Install markdeep styling for markdown files

Bookmarks with secrets (POST instead of GET)

The internal link "i:a1[url]?[post data]" sends http "POST" request to server.


Clicking to run is only allowed from local pages for bookmarks in this section. Users need to either save the bookmarks to local or long press the link => "open in new tab" to execute.

To save the bookmarks to local, users firstly need to install "bookmark" menu by clicking corresponding link in the url services page, then long press the bookmark link => "open in new tab" => "Commands" => "bookmark" to save the bookmark.

symbolic link configuration folder to "/sdcard/Download/uweb"

Make uweb configuration folder accessible by file managers with termux installed
(File manager list at end of the page)

Scan mdx/mdd files under the folder "/sdcard/Download/mdict" and add search engines.


The following bookmarks need termux.
GNU bc (basic calculator)
bc with all extensions


Click following links to install bookmark templates, bookmarks saved to the template have corresponding features enabled.
"novel.html": auto reader's mode



Feynman lectures


molecule SMILES

Last Modified: 14 July 2024
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